ZafTape: The Sticker to graduate the Obstacles Wings

Highly resistant transparent adhesive that applies to the the keyhole tracks of Jump Wings

Does not replace the height ruler, which includes the slope of the grounds...

On the other hand, on Warm up Arenas , at home, in Equestrian Centers; obstacle courses,  It's a real time saver.

Graduated every 5 cm.
From 1m60 to 90cm/width 13mm.
From 1m55 to 90cm/width 18mm.
From 1M50 to 80cm/width 18mm.
From 1M50 to 70cm/width 18mm.

And, in order to satisfy Equestrian Schools and Pony-clubs,
From 1m55 to 30/ width 18 mm.

Heights and widths of our ZafTape stickers areHowever, Modular to fit your obstacle park.


Don't forget to measure the width, and the height of your rails before to order.

ZAFTAPE stickers also fit perfectly on ' candles ':
Here at the equestrian Club of Versailles.

The ZAFTAPE STICKER resists all weather:

Price: €3 TTC

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ZafTape creates ZafCap: The Height Limiter


Discreet and elegant, the ZAFCAP allows the chiefs of paddocks and stewards to stall, the time of a test, the maximum permissible height on the test obstacles.

A reminder of the official rules:
For tests where the obstacle height is maximum 1.40 m or less, obstacles in the training paddock may not exceed the actual maximum of the height and width of the obstacles of the current event by more than ten centimetres.
If the height of the obstacles in the current event is greater than 1.40 m the obstacles in the training ground may not exceed 1.60 m high and 1.80 m wide.

More aesthetic and reliable than the usual pieces of scotch, which further degrade the Obstacles Wings, opt for ZAFCAP.

Baby ZafCap is Born:

Limit on 2 holes for the high level tests.


ZafCap: €12 TTC.

Baby ZafCap: €5 TTC.


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We're talking about us:

CHEVAL PRATIQUE speaks about us in the N ° 329 of August 2017.


Very nice article on our innovations  ZafTape. It's on page 15.
Our sincere thanks to Christophe HERCY and Stéphane litas.


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