ZafTape creates ZafCap: The Height Limiter


Discreet and elegant, the ZAFCAP allows the chiefs of paddocks and stewards to stall, the time of a test, the maximum permissible height on the test obstacles.

A reminder of the official rules:
For tests where the obstacle height is maximum 1.40 m or less, obstacles in the training paddock may not exceed the actual maximum of the height and width of the obstacles of the current event by more than ten centimetres.
If the height of the obstacles in the current event is greater than 1.40 m the obstacles in the training ground may not exceed 1.60 m high and 1.80 m wide.

More aesthetic and reliable than the usual pieces of scotch, which further degrade the Obstacles Wings, opt for ZAFCAP.

Baby ZafCap is Born:

Limit on 2 holes for the high level tests.


ZafCap: €12 TTC.

Baby ZafCap: €5 TTC.


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